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Why a Public Bank in Vermont?


  • Our tax dollars are invested in projects that are bad for our state and our planet like the Keystone XL, Dakota Access and Vermont Gas Systems pipelines.

  • Vermont pays $80 million in yearly interest and fees to corrupt Wall Street Banks.

  • With a daily holding of $350 million dollars VT’s state budget is supporting bad actors instead of working to meet the $28 billion in unmet financing for renewable energy projects in our state.



  • Taxpayers — who will benefit from both the profits the bank makes and the services the bank offers. Over time, a public bank would turn the $80 million in yearly in outflow to bondholders into $100 million state revenues.

  • Our Planet —  a VT state bank can provide the game-changing, long-term, low-interest financing that will power a transition to a just and sustainable future.

  • Students — to access low interest education loans.

  • Homeowners — to get mortgages and home loans from the bank.

  • Entrepreneurs — who need credit lines, loans, and other forms of finance to help their businesses succeed.

  • Municipalities – the bank can offer competitive interest on public deposits and lower cost financing for public works.