1. Find your legislator

 Please call you own legislators. In addition we need to put some pressure on the members of the two committees to vote in favor of it and get it to the floor of the respective houses by March 17th. 

Members of Senate Finance include:


Members of the House Committee on Commerce and Economic Development include:



      2. Explain why you believe Vermont needs a public bank


      Our tax dollars are invested in projects and industries that are bad for our state and our planet like the Keystone XL, Dakota Access and Vermont Gas Systems pipelines.

      Vermont pays $80 million in yearly interest and fees to out of state financial institutions.

      With a daily holding of $350 million dollars VT’s state budget is supporting bad actors instead of working to meet the $28 billion in unmet financing for renewable energy projects in our state.


      Our Planet —  a VT state bank can provide the game-changing, long-term, low-interest financing that will power a transition to a just and sustainable future

      Students — to access low interest education loans.

      Homeowners — to get mortgages and home loans from the bank.

      Entrepreneurs — who need credit lines, loans, and other forms of finance to help their businesses succeed.

      Municipalities – the bank can offer competitive interest on public deposits and lower cost financing for public works.

      Taxpayers — who will benefit from both the profits the bank makes and the services the bank offers.


      3. Ask them to support the bill that would create a commission for a public bank (S. 48 & H. 208)