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Womanomics Camp

Camp at Headwaters for a weekend of discussion about what the economy would look like if it were designed by women. We will focus on how the economic structures and practices currently responsible for human misery and environmental destruction can be changed to accommodate a generative and resilient vision for the future. We all long for a world that reflects our deeply held common values of peace, social justice, a safe and healthy environment, and good governance. The women who have elaborated the system’s inherent gender bias – Riane Eisler and Rickey Gard Diamond among them – inspire us to work for an economy with caring and sharing at its core. 

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10:00 AM10:00

Community Feedback/Strategy Session

Community members, stakeholders, and organizations from around the state coming together to discuss how together we can build a transformative campaign and win a public bank for Vermont.

Food, childcare and carpool coordination provided!


Volunteer/carpool needs:

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Convening of Commission for a Vermont Public Bank
1:30 PM13:30

Convening of Commission for a Vermont Public Bank

We will convene the Vermont Public Bank Commission for the first time for a discussion of a public bank for Vermont. The House Commerce Committee has now absolutely refused to take testimony from members of the public who want to support the House bill 208. We have also been trying to testify in the Senate Finance Committee on S. 48, no luck so far. So we are holding our own hearing at the State House - we need to show the legislature that there is a lot of support for a Vermont State Bank. Join us!

Location: Room 10, VT State House, 115 State Street, Montpelier

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